Arotech, Inc. is a Manufacturers' Representative for the following well recognized, reputable and distinctly competent manufacturers in their respective fields, covering the markets of Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Nevada and Sonora, Mexico.

ALMAG Aluminum
An Ontario, Canada based manufacturer of custom aluminum extrusions, fabrication and finishing services. Almag will closely work with you from initial design concept to extrusion production including CNC machining, other fabrication services and anodizing or powder coat finishing.

Central Semiconductor
Discrete Semiconductors: Diodes, Zeners, Rectifiers, Bridges, Transistors, SCR's, Triacs, & JFET's in SMD, Leaded, & Chip form, including selected, custom & diminishing source types.

North America leader in thermal management PCBs (Metal Clad) ranging from single layer to multi layer with aluminum and copper alloys. Our new technologies; super pillar copper and thermal plated via on aluminum can expand your thermal conductivity range up to 400W/mK. Key industries are LED lighting and motion control applications.

E Tech LED
A leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of high quality LED products including T8 tubes, commercial interior fixtures, retrofit = modules, lamps and area lighting fixtures.

Everlight Americas
LED Lamps, Bright LED Lamps, High Power LEDs, Clusters, Surface Mount Devices, Digit Displays, Infrared LEDs, Photodiodes, Phototransistors, Infrared Remote Control Receiver Modules.

Luxtech designs, develops and engineers LED modules efficiently, dramtically improving = our customers speed to market and profitability including high performance standard LED modules to integrated AC LED = products.

Maxivolt Specialized Surge Protective Devices are hand made with pride in Amarillo, Texas, USA. MVC manufactures surge protective devices for residential, commercial, and industrial applications from 12 VDC to 4160 VAC. All Maxivolt products are designed to be safe without compromising performance.

PUI Audio
Audio devices including speakers, transducers, buzzers, piezo benders, microphones and sirens. Both standard and custom products available.

Signal Transformer
Standard Magnetic, Laminated Core, Toroid Core, Pot Core, and EE and EI Ferrite Core Transformers

WIMA Americas
World class manufacturer of SMD film capacitors, through hole plastic film capacitors, metalized paper capacitors, RFI Class X1, X2, Y2 capacitors, snubbers and DC-Link power capacitors.

Wintec Industries
Memory Modules for OEM Products; PCMCIA Linear Flash cards, ECC, SO-DIMM, SDRAM DIMM, SDRAM SIMM, PCMCIA ATA FLASH and more.